Pulpit was founded in 1991, since day of the basis of the institute. Initial name of the pulpit: "Microbiology, virology and immunology". The Founder of the pulpit and the first managing was doctor of the medical sciences, professor, academician Academy of the Sciences Republic Uzbekistan Abdirov Ch.A.
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  Scholastic and scientific activity

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Formation, scholastic and scientific activity of the pulpit:


   On pulpit are trained students initial course faculties: "Medical, pediatric and physician-preventive deal" on subject of the medical biology, microbiology and histology, as well as students senior course, studying medical geneticist.

   On the base of the pulpit functions the bacteriological laboratory, intended for scholastic and scientific integer.

The Scientific direction of the pulpit is a study normal micro flora in condition of the ecological crisis; the separation new local shtamms milk-tart bacteria; making the dietetic tart-milk products; study parasit diseases, preventive maintenance and main measures of the fight with them

   On pulpit emphases is spared preparing the scientific personnel. Are they In recent years prepared and are protected 3 candidate's thesis’s. On material of the scientific studies is published more than 100 scientific works, is received patent. It Is Chosen new shtamms Bifidobacterium bifidum KK, on base which is created preparation "Bifillin KK", applicable disbioses for correcting the breaches of the bowels children.


Actions conducted on pulpit


1. Annually student Olympiad is conducted on all subject, under study on pulpit at a rate of medical institute first, on republican level then. Due to functioning the teachers with student when preparing to contest, our students occupy the honorable places.

2. Monthly seminars are conducted on microbiology and medical biology, where students by itself do the reports, write the abstracts on interesting their subjects.

3. Lead work a mug: "Мicrobiologist" and "Young biologist", where take part students first and third course, interesting biology and microbiology. The Leader mugs are: Karajanova T.Dj., senior teacher to microbiology of the pulpit and Ibragimov M.Yu., teacher to biology.